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I thought I heard a while back that fb was done with ‘Places’…. I must have heard wrong because today I saw an amazing site when I logged into one of my facebook pages!

Facebook Deals

YUP! Deals…. beta. Mark Zuckerburg noted at this years F8 Developers conference that, “The last 5years have been about signing people up and getting them connected with each other. The next 5 years, the next Era is going to be about apps.” (That is a rough quote. You can see his keynote here)

Select businesses can use their CLAIMED places page (let me know if you don’t know how to claim your places page) to offer deals to individual clients, groups, loyal clients or to donate to charities. This is pretty big news. I have been looking at Foursquare a lot more lately, for some of my clients, because I wanted to help them better get the word out about their locations and specials they are offering. BUT…. with an already huge established netword / database – Facebook takes the cake on this one!

At the beginning of the F8 this year (is it every year?) Zuckerberg (parodied by SNL’s Andy Samberg) came out singing “All I do is win” and then said “We’re gonna change the Universe!” Facebook is one step closer, for sure.