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Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing the tools and services that we use and have found to be particularly helpful. This week we’ll start with a time tracking tool.

Do you ever switch between a variety of tasks multiple times during the day, and then struggle at the end of the day or week to estimate how much time was spent on each? I work both in Social Media management as well as Customer Support for our Cloud Services, and since part of my work was directly billable, I needed a way to note these details along the way.

I did quite a bit of research, and tried a few different products, and finally settled on Their time tracker lets me do a quick single click switch between projects so I always have a log of where my time is spent. It has become a really integral part of my time and task tracking tool set. See the review below for more detail. – Lundie

Product: Time Tracker


  • Free for a single user
  • Start/Stop buttons for live activity switching
  • Easy adjustment of the timeline
  • Notes field to track details
  • Mobile app for when you’re not at your computer
  • Can set up a company account to share (and aggregate) projects with other users
  • Very responsive to users via social media (See my blog post on our Internet Presence Marketing blog for more details).


  • I personally don’t have any cons, other than the part of me that wants everything free!
  • There have been a few complaints about the Android app not working on some phones, but I personally have had no problems

Pricing (as of 12/5/11):

Yast Personal is Free, €4 (~$5.40) per month for Yast Business, which includes project sharing, call tracking to projects and several other features. See their site for more detail.

Bottom Line: is one of the best Time Tracker providers out there. It allows you to get started right away for free, and walks you easily through an upgrade if you find you have need of their additional features.


…to the Cloud! And what a move it was! We hit all the things that go along with moving.

Packing: We decided where the stuff that we have always kept locally (with somewhat high IT costs) would go. To brainstorm we used Google Docs – allowing us to collaborate, make comments and updates real time.

Moving: We put all our stuff in the appropriate rooms. But better than “real” moving…we didn’t need to unpack anything. Each item was put exactly where we wanted!

Living in the new space: You know how, in the middle of the night, in your new house, you suddenly realize you forgot where the light switch was as you are making your way around? Gmail, Google sites and Google Docs are so intuitive it almost felt like we had installed those lights that turn on when you walk into a room!

The best part: Google updates in small increments and often so I am not waiting a year or more to pay lots of money for the newest release full of all the sparkly things I want! It’s like the house repainting itself, kinda.

Well, thanks for listening to this girl’s perspective (rev 1) on “Moving to the Cloud”

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